I Need Your Help With My New Year's Resolution

In an effort to mitigate the triteness of talking about New Year's resolutions, I'll try to keep this succinct: next year, I want to be healthier. And I need your help.

I've been able to spend a lot of time with my nephews over the holidays and they have absolutely exhausted me. For almost any game they get me to play I'm out of breath within ten minutes. This isn't just a case of kids aged three to nine having a lot more energy than I do; I am really out of shape. A few weeks ago I started sweating from physical exertion while playing a card game. How am I the same person that around four years ago was running 100 flights of stairs every morning?

Around 100 lbs difference I don't have a lot of images from my lighter phase but I feel this highlights that my "before" and "after" images are the in wrong order, chronologically.

I weigh about 100 pounds more than I did four years ago. I know weight by itself is not a perfect indicator of overall health but the extra poundage has been accompanied by decreased energy and increased sleep complications. On top of that, I'm sure it hasn't helped any with my mental health issues. I need to change my lifestyle.

So here's what I'm asking: I want you to help keep me accountable to being healthier. I'm giving you* permission to bug me about my diet and excercise habits. Shoot me a text or a DM asking about my weight loss. Call me out if you see me eating too much. If you live near me, invite me to go to the gym with you. Be creative. (But also sensible. Don't be a jerk.)

I want to change my life and I hope that you will help me. If you need help, let me know and we can watch each other's backs.

*immediate family excluded (that means you, Mom and Dad)